Ratan Tata, the silent sufferer


During the last three years after his retirement as TATA SONS Chairman, it has become a fashion to criticise Ratan Tata.

Recently serial entrepreneur Amit Bagaria angrily mentioned the following in his article titled “Was Ratan Tata a successful corporate chieftain? -”

And why would anyone pick the brand name Nano (means “very small”) compared to Jeh (JRD Tata’s nickname, one of the original names considered) or Maxi (another name suggested by a branding agency)? “

As if the brand would have been very successful if they introduced the small car naming it as Jeh or Maxi !!! It is also not clear to me why he is so angry for rejection of one name – Maxi suggested by a Branding Agency?

His calculation of R&D amortisation relating to NANO as “Given that Tata Motors reportedly invested $1B in the design and development of the Nano, in 6˝ years, each car sold has costed Rs.240,000 in capex amortization alone. Can there be a bigger business disaster? “ made me spellbound.

I humbly want to ask him which listed Car Company except MARUTI used their 100% capacity during the last couple of years ? Whether $1B investment in design and development is an official figure ? What is the basis of such full amortisation within 6.5 years when Tata Motor’s Accounting Policy says “ PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT COST are amortised over a period of upto 120 months for new generation vehicles .” ? Whether he calculated such R&D AMORTISATION figure for other Car Companies also for comparison with TATA MOTORS ?

Ratan Tata retired as the Chairman of TATA SONS on 28-12-2012. So, in what logic, Sale of NANO cars during the period 29-12-2012 – 31-03-2015 attributed to his so-called failure ?

Nobody is mentioning the fact that it is he, who took the challenge and introduced the cheapest car in the world by launching Nano in 2008 with his team.

For a new concept like Nano we should give the brand a couple of years more to become successful. Mr.Ravi Kant , Vice- Chairman ( Retd), TATA MOTORS in his Forward to the Book “ Small Wonder, The making of the Nano “ echoed – “ It took the imagination of one person to see the need for a safe and comfortable alternative. That’s innovative thinking.......But we can say with humility that the idea of Nano has only began to take root. We understand that it will take a lot more to make it a strong and healthy tree.”

Reserve Bank of India versus Jayantilal N. Mistry  



Management Guru Mr.R.Gopalakrishnan needs no introduction. One book (Timeless Inspirator) mentioned that Mr. Gopalakrishnan's knowledge, skills and interests go far beyond the natural ambit of corporate affairs and that includes education and management.

Currently he is the Director of TATA SONS LTD. In addition to that he is holding the post of the Chairman and Vice -Chairman of RALLIS INDIA LTD and TATA CHEMICALS LTD respectively.

Reliance –An Enduring Growth Saga

This is the 40th AGM of Reliance Industries Limited.

But it is only 37 years since Reliance became a listed company.

In these 37 years, with every investment and with every new business, Reliance has become a larger part of the economic and social fabric of India and has made the lives of India's 1.25billion people better.

This was the dream of our Founder Chairman and my father Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and I am happy to say that we are pursuing that dream even more strongly today.

With each passing year, Reliance is becoming more intrinsic and meaningful to the Indian economy.

SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements)Regulations, 2015 - Regulation 30 Examined

Mr. Ramaswami Kalidas

In exercise of the powers conferred under the relevant provisions of the SEBI Act,1992 read with Section 31 of the Securities Contracts(Regulation)Act, 1956, the above Regulations have been notified by SEBI on September 2, 2015 and shall become effective from December1,2015 i.e., ninety days from the date of the Notification, save and except ,for Regulation 23(4) relating to grant of approval to related party ...